Thursday, September 20, 2012

Smart Media Review, Smart Media Technologies Review

  This is my Smart Media Technologies review. This Smart Media Technologies review will answer the question is Smart Media Technologies a scam? You are going to need to know what is Smart Media Technologies before you understand this Smart Media Technologies review. Smart Media Technologies is a mlm company with a little twist. There product is a website called Home Page Pays.

 Home Page Pays is a website where you can go play games, get software, and win prizes. People can also go to Home Page Pays to get easy access links, news, and how to videos. Home Page Pays also has a bargain finder. It is a search engine that finds the best deals when your shopping. Home Page Pays has so many different features. They did not set a release date but they are working to add more features to Home Page Pays. Some of the new features that will be coming out for Home Page Pays are smart social networking, chat smart, smart mail, avatar creator, virtual home, smart games and much more. The best thing about getting all this with Home Page Pays is it's all free.

  The way you earn money with Smart media product is many different ways. You can earn by getting free members and paying reps. When you get free people to register with Home Page Pays you earn with clicks and impressions on your website ads. When you get reps. into the company, then you can start earning in multiple income streams. After you start getting reps. into Smart Media Technologies you will get $25, $50, or $150 for each rep. you get into the company. You also get paid on multiple levels. You can also can get paid by different bonuses also.

  There is many different things I did not go over. I will be adding more post going in detail about Smart Media Technologies. I really like Smart Media Technologies and I feel that you will too. I have been doing research on this company and I have not found any thing out there like Smart Media. There is a few things that I really like about this company. There is a low search volume and there adding many more features to Home Page Pays. I have a feeling that this is going to take off.

Smart Media Technologies
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  1. Have a bunch of people joined this yet?

    1. No, that is why this is the time to join. I am sure when the new verion of Home Page Pays comes out this is really going to go viral.

  2. Nice review i really like your blog.